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How Do I Edit An Offer?

Once we have set up your stamp card offer(s) you can make basic edits at any time by logging into the Merchant Dashboard.

For big changes, such as your reward or the number of stamps, please contact us to arrange this.

merchant dashboard with stamp card in phone frame

How to edit an offer:

Click ‘offers’ from the left navigation sidebar and then select the offer you wish to edit from the drop-down options.

Once you have selected the relevant offer, you can begin to make changes in the fields below.


The sections in yellow on your screen are what the customers will see on their device.


Make sure you press the green ‘save’ button at the bottom to save your changes before you exit the page.


Note: Lite plan holders must get in touch with us in order to edit their offer.

What changes can I make to my offer?

To help show you which section does what in the Merchant Dashboard, this image is numbered and correlates to the explanations below.

screenshot of the merchant dashboard showing how to edit an offer


Where you can find your existing offers.


Where you can see and select which offer to edit, if you have more than one.


If you uncheck this box, your offer will no longer be visible or accessible to customers. Ensure it is checked for the offer to be enabled.


Checking this box will make your offer private. This means only select customers can join the offer via a provided Join Code, Stamp Code or invited via the dashboard. It will not be visible to the general public. Ensure this box is unchecked in order for it to be visible to the public.


This is the description of your offer so you know what it is. Only you see this.


The heading of your offer which is visible to the customer on the front of the card, under the logo.


Your public terms and conditions which appears on the back of the stamp card. Keep this short and sweet.


The URL of your website or social media profile which is linked as ‘website’ on the back of the card.


If you’d like to set a time delay between when a customer can collect stamps, enter this here in seconds. For example, you may wish to set this to only one stamp per day. If you don’t want to set time delays, leave this as 0.


Denotes any free stamps you would like to reward your customer at the same time as joining your offer.

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