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Does Stamp Me Work For E-Commerce or Delivery Businesses?

Stamp Me is the ideal solution for building a relationship with your end customer, solving the challenge of how to foster loyalty when you do not have face-to-face contact with the buyer.

A digital loyalty program is highly effective for businesses in many different industries.

There are a variety of stamp-issuing methods that are suitable for online, delivery or other non-consumer facing businesses.

Programs can operate using any combination of the below methods.


phone scanning a QR code on a coffee cup

OneStamps are unique codes that allow customers to collect one-off stamps. They can only be used once and have a pre-determined expiry date.

OneStamps are ideal for sticking onto packaging, products, flyers or putting within email confirmations, or e-receipts.

They can be in a QR code or alphanumeric format. Learn more about OneStamps.

Merchant Dashboard

Stamp Me Loyalty Dashboard and App

Stamps can be applied manually to customer accounts through your Merchant Dashboard after your customers have made a purchase.

This is a good solution for businesses who generally have a low-medium amount of orders, as there is some admin required.

Dashboard access is included in our Pro and Elite plans.

Shopify Integration

shopify logo

A seamless omnichannel experience for Shopify stores – coming soon!

Learn more.

How customers redeem rewards

Take a look at this article to see what rewards work best for an online business and how customers can redeem them.

Ongoing communication

One of the biggest benefits of having a loyalty program with Stamp Me is having a direct communication channel with your customers via SMS text messages and push notifications.

If customers purchase via a third party delivery app, here is your chance to win them over to come directly to you, so you don’t keep paying commissions.

If you do not already have an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or MailLite, we can also activate an integrated email marketing platform on the Merchant Dashboard.

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