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Can I Customize My Stamp Card?

Digital stamp cards are customized with the following as standard:

pine scone cafe stamp card

Example of a standard stamp card (front)

screenshot of contactless rewards app for a cafe

Example of a standard stamp card (back)

Custom stamp icons:

Elite and Pro plan holders are able to customize their stamp card with custom stamp icons which can be either an image or a logo.

It is possible to have different stamp icons for each stamp card (or ‘offer‘). For example, a beauty salon may choose a scissor icon for their hair offer and a heart icon for their facials offer.

How to set up custom stamp icons:

You will be prompted to upload your desired file when you sign up to Stamp Me.

Alternatively, if you are already on an Elite or Pro plan, please contact us to request custom stamp icons and attach the files you wish to use in the following format:

Custom stamp icons are not available on Lite plans.

If you are looking to make more customizations or create your own app, please see our custom loyalty app page.

Rewards app with custom stamp card
customized rewards app

Examples of stamp cards with custom stamp icons

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