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How Do Customers Collect Stamps?

There are four ways a customer can collect a stamp. These methods may differ in suitability for your business. You are able to use any/all depending on your requirements for the program.

1. StampCode

This is the default stamp validation method for physical stores.

A StampCode is a QR code that is unique to your loyalty offer(s). Customers simply scan it through the app each time they wish to collect a stamp.

We provide you with your StampCode after your business joins Stamp Me. The code can be printed out and kept at each transaction point.

phone scanning a QR JoinCode from a marketing poster

The code does not expire, therefore, it will issue a stamp each time it is scanned. This is why it is good to keep it in a safe place (not publicly displayed).

Ideal for:

In-person transactions

See how a StampCode code works:

2. Stamp Mate™ Device

Our innovative Stamp Mate Device is a small, battery-operated plastic device that you can keep at transaction points, like beside your point of sale(POS)/cash register.

The device uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to validate the stamp(s) when your customer places their phone on top of it. It works just like contactless payment.

Ideal for:

Phone Collecting a Stamp via a Stamp Mate Device

In-person transactions

See how a Stamp Mate Device works:

3. OneStamps

Unique OneStamps can be scanned or entered in-app to issue one-off stamps to users.

OneStamps are unique codes which can be used digitally (such as included on email receipts, booking confirmations etc) or generated and printed on stickers, cards, receipts or packaging etc.

After the initial scan or entry of the alphanumeric code, it automatically expires. The user (or any other user for that matter), cannot continue to earn stamps with that code.

Ideal for:

phone scanning a QR code on a coffee cup

Online businesses

Takeaway services

Home delivery

See how product scanning via a QR code OneStamp works:

4. Merchant Dashboard

An administrator can manually add stamps, rewards and complete other such actions through the Stamp Me Merchant Dashboard.

This method is ideal for online transactions. For example, an online service where the customer does not receive a physical product, like online gaming or booking a hotel stay.

Ideal for:

Stamp Me Loyalty Dashboard and App

Online businesses

Program management

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