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Why Can’t My Customer Collect A Stamp?

If a customer is having issues collecting a stamp, it is likely due to one of these reasons:

1. Bluetooth/NFC is not switched on

In order to use the Stamp Mate Device, Bluetooth or NFC must be switched on. 

A customer is automatically prompted to turn these settings on on their smartphone when they attempt to claim a stamp (if it’s not on already).

2. No network connection

The customer’s smartphone needs to be connected to 3G, 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi. They also need to ensure flight mode is not on.

3. Phone is not touching the Stamp Mate Device

The back of the smartphone may need to touch the Stamp Mate device for a few seconds in order for a stamp to register.

Please note that if the customer has an Android phone, the customer might need to move their phone around on the device to find the correct spot.

4. The Stamp Me app is not open

A stamp can only be collected when the Stamp Me app is open.

The user needs to press ‘scan code’ to bring up the scan screen, or press ‘Stamp Me’ on the desired offer before touching their phone on the Stamp Mate device.

5. Phone camera screen is dirty/cracked

If a customer is scanning a OneStamp or JoinCode, this should work instantly. However if their camera screen is dirty, damaged or cracked, this can prevent clear registering of the code.

Alternatively, they should touch their smartphone on a Stamp Mate Device, if you have one.

6. Their phone case prevents the Bluetooth/NFC signal

Some phone cases are especially designed to be ‘safe’, or are too thick and block NFC or Bluetooth signals. In this instance, a customer will struggle to collect a stamp with a Stamp Mate device.

They should remove their phone cover or press the ‘scan code instead’ button to scan the QR stamp code with their camera.

7. They are reusing an expired OneStamp

OneStamps allow a customer to collect a stamp from things like stickers on packaging, leaflets and online.

However they are registered for one-time use only and have an expiry date. OneStamps cannot be used for repeat collection of stamps unlike StampCodes or Stamp Mate Devices.

If this is the issue, a prompt will pop-up to notify the customer that this is a one-use only stamp.

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