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How Do Customers Collect Stamps With An Android Phone (NFC)?

In order to collect a stamp on an Android handset with a Stamp Mate Device, the following needs to occur:

1. The phone must have NFC capability and NFC must be on

NFC must be turned on in their device settings.

Most current Android phones will contain this feature. However low-end Android handsets may not.

If that is the case, they will need to select ‘scan code instead’ and scan your StampCode with their phone camera as prompted.

2. The back of the phone needs to touch the Stamp Mate Device

Their phone should come in contact with the Stamp Mate Device for a few seconds, in order for it to register. The customer may need to move it around to find the right spot.

A few seconds after pressing ‘Stamp Me’, they will be presented with a visual guide to assist with locating the back of the handset.

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