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What Is The Birthday Club And How Do I Set It Up?

The Birthday Club is a feature that lets you send your customers a message and small reward on, or before their birthday via the Stamp Me app.

loyalty program birthday club

It is an optional feature available to Pro and Elite plan holders, and can be activated within your Merchant Dashboard.

How does the Birthday Club work ?

When a customer joins your offer, if you have the birthday club feature set up, they will automatically be asked if they would like to join.

On the date that you decide they should receive their birthday notification, they will be sent an SMS text message or push notification.

It will contain your personalised birthday greeting along with details on their complimentary product/discount/service which will automatically be added to their list of rewards on their app.

They can redeem their birthday present from you at any time or within a certain number of days, depending on what you set up.

See how a customer is issued a reward or download the handy 5 step set up guide.

How do I set up the Birthday Club?

The Birthday Club can be set up easily in the Merchant Dashboard to compliment your existing loyalty program.

See below for a simple 5-step process followed by a video:

how to set up the birthday club in the merchant dashboard
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loyalty program with birthday club

How to set up the Birthday Club (video):

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