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What Are The Benefits Of Using Stamp Me?

There are loads of benefits for both customers and merchants for using the Stamp Me loyalty program:

1. Convenience for your customers

No more paper stamp cards! Customers will no longer forget or lose your card. All their stamp cards are conveniently stored in one place on their mobile phone.

2. Easy to implement

No point of sale (POS) integration or expensive hardware is required. You can simply sign up and get started shortly after we activate your offer, using your unique QR code.

3. Easy to use

The app is incredibly easy for your customers to use, which is why they love it! To collect stamps, they simply scan a StampCode or touch their phone on the Stamp Mate Device.

4. Direct communication with customers

Your customers are no longer anonymous and unreachable. We capture their data and you can communicate with them directly through our user-friendly platform via SMS text messages, push notifications and email.

5. Wow your customers

Our Scratch & Win and Birthday Club features will build excitement around your loyalty program and get people talking about your business.

6. Customer insights

With the Stamp Me loyalty platform, you’ll be able to track customer behaviour via a dedicated Merchant Dashboard, providing you with valuable insight about your customers.

For example, you’ll be able to identify how frequently customers are visiting and much more.

7. Integrations

The data collected by your Stamp Me loyalty program can easily be integrated with your CRM and marketing platforms.

For example, when a new customer joins your Stamp Me program, they can also be subscribed to your newsletter list in Mailchimp, or as a contact in Hubspot. We can integrate with most apps currently supported by Zapier.

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