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How Do I Send An Automated Broadcast Through The Stamp Mate™ Device?

The Stamp Mate Device can be set to automatically broadcast a Push Notification message to customers who are within a close radius to the device.

This may be when they’re passing the store or in the nearby vicinity.

The broadcasting range is around 8-10 meters (26-32 feet). The transmissions depend on various factors such as the strength of the 4G/5G network, the structure of the building, and the power setting on the Stamp Mate Device.

What message could I set up?

The purpose of this feature is to welcome or remind your client to use the program with a short message. For example:


  • Welcome to Zoe’s Cafe! Don’t forget to collect your stamps today!
  • Need a caffeine fix? Don’t worry – we’re just around the corner!
  • “Welcome to Rita’s Retail, how can we help you today?”


Note: To receive the message, the customer will need to have their phone notification on for Stamp Me.

How to set up automatic broadcasts in the Merchant Dashboard:

Once you have logged on to the Merchant Dashboard:

Click on ‘in-store’> select venue> select the relevant Stamp Mate Device from the dropdown (the 4 digit alphanumeric code is displayed on the bottom of the device) > enter the message you want sent > save > success – auto geo broadcasts have been set up!

If you are using more than one device at a single location, we would recommend only setting up in-store beacon broadcasting from one Stamp Mate Device.

how to set up the stamp mate beacon location broadcast
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