Some Key Features of a Loyalty Platform for Brands

Jun 16

Some Key Features of a Loyalty Platform for Brands

Loyalty platforms such as the Stamp Me Loyalty Application not only allow brands to provide purchase based rewards to their most active customers but it provides the basis for engaged campaigns to drive additional sales and participation in the brand.

Point of purchase, in-store, push notifications are an excellent example of how the existing brand buying customer is reminded at the ‘shop & decision’ point in the customer’s path to purchase.

Take the example of a beer brand running a simple loyalty promotion of ‘Buy 7 Packs’ Get Your 8th Free. The marketing drive is to get customers registered on the program and engaged with the offer. This is done with proven traditional means such as packaging promotion, adverts and promotional collateral. A Point of Sale display is kept beside the register that hosts a Stamp Me loyalty beacon – in this example this could be hidden within a growler display.

When a customer then walks into the liquor/off-sales store, they are the pushed a welcome message from the beer brand and a reminder to collect their points. For the customer, the choice on offer is often quite confronting in this scenario and this is a subtle reminder that they not only purchase this brand but they also collect stamps or points and will be rewarded for their efforts.

Finally the POS display that hosts the Stamp Me loyalty beacon is used as the validation of purchase for the product. The cashier allows the customer to claim their points/stamps by holding their phone in close proximity to the display for a few seconds to validate the transaction – much like contactless credit card payments, ‘paywave’ or ‘paypass’.

The result of this engagement during the ‘shop & decision’ phase acts to increase awareness of the offer, brand and directly increase sales. It’s a drinks marketer’s dream!