Receipt Scanning Loyalty Technology

Connect and engage with your end-customers

Our innovative receipt scanning loyalty technology converts customer receipts into data to provide brands with actionable customer insights to drive marketing efforts.


What is Receipt Scanning Loyalty Technology?

Our innovative Receipt Scanning loyalty technology enables brands to connect with their end-customers and gather valuable purchase data.

Receipt Scan technology allows brands to run campaigns or loyalty rewards programs without having to put any codes on packaging or integrating with any point of sale systems. It is an incredibly simple process for the brand and the customer!

How does Receipt Scanning Loyalty Technology work?

Customers can submit receipts in a number of ways, including uploading a photo through an app, webpage or email.

Essentially our system automatically reads and interprets the data and values on the printed receipt. 

Loyalty credits are applied to the customers account and real-time data is available for insight.

Customer makes a purchase
Uploads Receipt
Loyalty credits are applied according to program rules

Receipt scanning solutions can operate as a “once-off” promotional campaign, or as a full ongoing loyalty or rewards program.

What are the benefits of Receipt Scanning Technology?

Receipt data provides brands and enterprises with valuable customer insight into the who, what, when and where of their end-customers. This information helps brands better understand customers behaviour and consequently drives marketing efforts. Simply put, receipt scanning data is gold for marketers!

4 W's

Valuable customer insights

Customer Segmentation

Our receipt scanning technology also allow brands to segment their consumers.

For example, VIPS, Frequents, Infrequent, Lapsed, Seasonal etc.

The objective would be to identify and directly engage with its largest customers (ie. “VIPS”), whilst moving other consumers up the value chain into the next category.

This can have a dramatic effect on sales.

Club Sunrise Receipt Scanning App

Receipt Scanning Loyalty App - Case Study

Club Sunrise

Club Sunrise by Canadian entertainment giants Sunrise Records, is a customised receipt scanning app where customers can be rewarded for in-store purchases.




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