Our award-winning Loyalty Technology converts customer receipts into data to provide actionable insights and deliver rewards.

Our receipt validation software analyzes the data on the receipt and uploads it to the rewards platform database.

This loyalty solution does not require any POS integration, which enables easy implementation across various distribution channels.

Valuable Insights

Receipt data provides valuable insight into…

  • How much consumers spend
  • Where purchases are made
  • What other products consumers purchase
  • Times of transactions
4 W's

Customer Segmentation

Our receipt scanning technology also allow brands to segment their consumers.

For example, VIPS, Frequents, Infrequent, Lapsed, Seasonal etc.

The objective would be to identify and directly engage with its largest customers (ie. “VIPS”), whilst moving other consumers up the value chain into the next category.

This can have a dramatic effect on sales.

Custom Digital Loyalty Solutions

We build world-class loyalty & rewards platforms for leading brands across a variety of industries.

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