Loyalty App for Shopify Stores

Deliver a seamless omnichannel loyalty experience for your customers with our Shopify app

Stamp Me is the perfect loyalty platform for businesses with both a physical and Shopify store, who wish to operate a stamp card loyalty program across both channels.

Don’t have a physical store? Don’t worry! Our Shopify App is still suitable for you too.

shopify stamp card

Stamp Collection

Your customers collect stamps either in-store or online. You specify the terms for your offer and rewards.

Your online offer can be seperate from your in-store offer, or the same.

The program is flexible! 

Reward Redemption

Your customers can easily redeem rewards online by applying discounts to their cart.

Alternatively, they can redeem in store by showing a voucher in the app (or both!)

Either way, the reward will disappear from the customers account once it is redeemed.

Stamp Me Shopify Merchant Dashboard

View your loyalty program data in your Merchant Dashboard

Plus, enjoy plenty of additional loyalty program features!

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