Loyalty – Simplicity is the key

There are many large and complex loyalty programs out there and for businesses choosing the best solution it can be a minefield. Many of the larger schemes employ aggressive sales strategies and are full of big promises which, according to the sales person, will lead to large lifts in sales.


Not only that, some are using MLM tactics with promises of great riches by creating your own ‘loyalty business’. I recently spoke with a cafe owner who had invested $3800 in such a scheme and was now a ‘loyalty business owner’ and was trying to get me to do the same too.

My advice would be avoid these companies like the plague and keep you hard earned money in your pocket. Small investments in simple and effective programs will produce far greater results and appeal to more of your customer base. Your loyalty program should also be about you and your customers. Whether it’s an old paper stamp card or a loyalty card app the benefits can be immediate….and the key to any loyalty program – ask your customers to join!

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