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Digital Loyalty Programs for
Multi-Location Businesses, Brands & Enterprises

One of the greatest benefits of our loyalty solution is that the program can easily be activated and implemented across a network of locations.

Here are the major benefits of operating our loyalty solution across multiple locations.

Convenience for Customers

Anything you can do to make the loyalty program easier for your customer will help deliver stronger engagement.

An offer can operate in a single location or can be a shared offer across multiple locations. Shared offers make the program a lot more convenient for the customer, allowing them to collect stamps and redeem rewards at any location where the program is operating. 

The app will automatically present the “loyalty offer” screen for the store closest to them using the phone’s locational services software.

Here’s a real scenario –

I join KFC’s loyalty program on Stamp Me at Forest Mall. It shows that specific store and its offer on my phone, as I’m physically present at that location. I like their chicken, and decide to visit Victoria Mall because it is near my work. When I arrive at the Victoria Mall KFC, my phone will automatically present my Stamp Offer, with my accumulated stamps from the Forest Mall store. I collect the required number of stamps and a reward is automatically issued to My Rewards on the Stamp Me app. I decide to claim it at the Oasis Mall because it is closest to where I live.

KFC Logo

The program has the flexibility to do any combination of single and shared offers across a network of stores. 

Another scenario – a brand may implement a national offer for a product across all its locations, but also allows each individual store (or a group of stores) to have a loyalty offer that is unique to that location. Perhaps the marketing manager decides to implement a targeted promotion to a specific area, for instance. Stamp Me can easily facilitate this.

Fast & Afforable

In the past, if a brand needed to deploy a loyalty program across a network, it would need to go through a very costly and time-consuming process of installing software and hardware across a network of stores. 

As a marketing tool for customer engagement and retention, the solutions Stamp Me provides are unique in the way that our product operates independently of the point of sale (POS) systems. This is due to the technologies we have developed for validating and capturing transactional data on Stamp Me and with our custom reward solutions.

This means our loyalty solution can be deployed much faster and much cheaper than traditional programs tied to POS systems. 

Our solutions operate using a combination of apps and cloud-based servers. The apps (software) installed on your customers’ phones are fast to update and allow the real-time transfer of data to build engagement with your customers.

If required, there is also the option to deliver a custom solution to integrate the program with your POS system through an application program interface (API). To do this, we would need to speak with you to understand what systems you use before going down that route. There are thousands of different POS systems out there!


There is no limit to the number of locations where the Stamp Me loyalty solution can operate. We operate loyalty reward programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes – from small businesses with a single location, to medium-size enterprises with five locations, up to enterprises which operate a loyalty program for a product or service across thousands of locations. 

Operating across multiple counties (except China) and numerous languages is no barrier either.


Whilst we do not recommend changing the goal posts of your loyalty reward program too often, (you don’t want to upset your customers!), the Stamp Me program is flexible in that additional offers can be added quickly and easily.


You operate a chain of cafes with a shared coffee loyalty program. You then decide to offer a “meal deal” as a limited time promotion. You can add this deal almost instantly, push it out to your customers within minutes and even time it to be sent out just before lunch. From our experience, this flexibility is very effective in bringing customers in!


Stamp Me offers a range of methods to access customer information. 

The transactional information can be viewed on the Stamp Me Dashboard, or we can organise for tailored reports to be automatically emailed to your head office and store managers on a periodic basis for actionable insights.

For example, the head office may retain full access to the platform to add and edit programs, view transactional information (who, when, what, where, etc.) and communicate with the customers via push notifications, text and email. In addition, the head office may choose to automatically send a report to the store manager on a weekly basis with information that is relevant to that specific store.


Bricks & Mortar, and Online

Commerce is converging. Your customers do not differentiate between purchasing your product/service in a shop (bricks and mortar) or online. There is no reason to differentiate your loyalty program between these two channels either!

Stamp Me offers solutions to offer a digital loyalty program that can work across your network of stores and online. To enable this, we would need to speak to you to understand what systems you use for your online commerce.


Once you have on-boarded a customer onto your program, the greatest benefit is being able to directly engage with them through various communications, whether it be push notifications, text message or email. 

We can integrate with most email platforms. When a customer registers to your loyalty program, the data is automatically sent to your email platform. From there you can trigger automatic “welcome” emails and other messages.


Data & Analytics

One of the largest benefits of a digital loyalty rewards program is the ability to capture real-time data of your customers (who, when, where, what, etc) and use this to understand your business.

Stamp Media has in-house, analytical resources using tools such as Tableau, SAS and SQL, which can provide ongoing and post-campaign analysis of data. Modelling against existing datasets can be done to provide actionable insights and assist in validating the program.

Data like “frequency of visit” profiling and reports can provide extremely powerful insights, and can result in favourable uplifts in customer spending and changes in customer buying patterns.

Frequency profiles would typically group your customers into categories of VIP, Frequent, Infrequent and Lapsed. By providing the different profiles with tailored campaigns, we can change buying behaviours. The goal is to move customers up the value chain into the next frequency profile – this can have a dramatic effect on sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

A program on Stamp Me can be set up on the platform within 48 hours. However, in practice, it doesn’t hurt to allow some time for creating an onboarding strategy, training staff and creating/receiving the marketing materials if required. 

A customised loyalty solution can take 4 to 6 weeks to design and build. You can learn more about this here.

Click here to find out information on our pricing & plans for our loyalty app.

All we require is your loyalty offer, your logo and a list of the locations you wish to set up, with contact details.

Yes, the program is versatile. A program can operate under one brand banner or multiple brand banners.

All of our data is stored on AWS servers, which are regarded as the most secure servers in the world. All collected customer and transactional data is siloed and provided to the business for marketing purposes. Stamp Media does not sell or share this information with third parties.

You can view our user terms and merchant terms here.

All of our solutions are built to comply with local privacy laws including the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. You can view the Stamp Me Privacy Policy here.

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