Loyalty Rewards Program – creating a win/win

Apr 21

Loyalty Rewards Program – creating a win/win

A good loyalty rewards program should serve 2 purposes.

1. It should reward and encourage repeat visits by your customers. This is a simple premise but many systems get this wrong. How many points based cards are in operation that the user simply doesn’t know what their balance is or what they can get. To be effective and fulfilling for your customers the loyalty reward needs to be tangible and achievable.

This is why paper loyalty stamp cards work for this purpose.

2. The second aspect that should be considered for a good loyalty reward program, is having a marketing plan and platform that can utilise the loyalty customer database. The customer database you create from your rewards program is one of the best customer lists you will have. They are your best, repeat customers. They will spend more on average in your business than any other group and they are engaged with your product. That means your marketing efforts towards them will be relatively well received and relevant to them.

It is therefore important that when creating a loyalty rewards program that you consider how you will integrate this into a marketing strategy. For small businesses, using a loyalty program that has email and sms capabilities brings real value to the program.