Loyalty Program Success – Ask Customers to Join

Tell to Win for a Successful Loyalty Program

There are many aspects to a successful loyalty program however the most important is your ability to let your customers know. The more people that join your program the more successful it will be!

Putting your reward program on a loyalty card app is just the first stage. There are 3 main ways to engage with your customers. All with the purpose of asking them to join your program. Fundamentally the more people you ask to join, then the more will join.

You will have more people join if you ask them to than if you don’t ask them.

1. Talk to your customers and ask!

It seems simple and common sense but often overlooked. If you ask your customers to join then more of them will. It is the easiest and cheapest way to grow your loyalty program.

2. Give them something to take away

Give your customer a card or handout that tells them about your program and how to join up.

With the Stamp Me loyalty app, we provide hand out cards and as part of our marketing plan for your loyalty program we recommend that you give out a card to every customer for the first month of introducing the Stamp Me loyalty card app into your business.

3. Incentivise your customers to join

Providing an incentive for your customers to join can be a powerful way to increase signups to your loyalty program. This could be some free stamps to get people going or even give away a reward such as a free coffee or some hair product.

4. Support all this with display materials

Whilst in-store and point of sale materials are great, they are there to support your communications and are not the only method you should use. Displays can help reinforce your message and also remind customers of your loyalty offers.

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