How to Transition from Paper Punch Cards to a Digital Loyalty Card App

May 22
Customer Loyalty Card App

How to Transition from Paper Punch Cards to a Digital Loyalty Card App

Is your business operating a customer loyalty program with a paper punch card? Have you been considering implementing a digital loyalty program but are it putting off because you’re not sure how to go about it? Well, the good news is it’s much easier than you think!

Below we’ve answered some commonly asked questions regarding how to switch from paper punch cards to a digital loyalty app…

Stamp Me Loyalty Card App

What if my customers don’t want to switch from paper to digital?

We are living in a digital world and rely on technology for most aspects of our lives. So don’t worry, if it makes their lives easier (which it will) your customers are likely to be all for it. In fact, most will wonder why you hadn’t introduced a digital loyalty program sooner. 

However, there may be a small portion of your customers (particularly slightly older retirees) that may be a bit apprehensive about making the switch. 

That’s one of the many reasons offering a sign-up reward is a great idea – to make onboarding easier and more exciting for the customer.

If there’s something positive in it for them, they’re less likely to have a negative opinion of it.

However, if they are really are not tech-savvy, or don’t own a smartphone, this is fair enough. Therefore, you may want to keep a few paper punch cards around so you can continue to cater to these select few customers.

How do I go about implementing a digital loyalty program in my business? Do I need any software, tablet or POS integration?

Some loyalty platform providers may require you to have a tablet or integrate with your POS system, but not ours! 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our merchants to implement a digital rewards program, so that’s why we designed our Stamp Mate device to run independently of any other system. 

The device works with Bluetooth and NFC technology, so as long as the customer’s phone has been capabilities (which most do), they will be able to use it. 

There is no complicated installations or software required, the device is linked to your Stamp Me account, and is ready to go as soon as it arrives!

Merchants usually just keep this next to the register.

See how it works here.

Stamp Mate Device

How do I transfer the customer’s stamps from the paper punch card to the rewards app?

If you are using Stamp Me, you can manually apply stamps to your customer accounts through the Stamp Me Dashboard.

Here is what we recommend you do:

Step 1: Instruct the customer to downloading the app, registering their details and join your offer. Be sure to promote your sign-up reward to give them an incentive to do so.

Joining offer Stamp Me screen

Step 2: Collect the customer’s paper punch card and assure them that their stamps will be transferred and applied to their Stamp Me account.

Step 3: Log in to the Stamp Me Dashboard, search the customer’s email address, and apply their existing stamps (perhaps this can be done at the end of each day).

Stamp Me Dashboard
How to apply stamps in the Stamp Me Dashboard. Click to enlarge.

Step 4: The next time customer visits, they will see their existing stamps applied to their account and can continue as they were working their way towards the reward!