How Sunrise Records Uses Receipt Scanning Technology to Drive Loyalty

club sunrise receipt scanning technology

After weighing up the pros and cons of the L’Oreal Worth It Rewards program in a recent case study, here is a business that is enjoying great success with its digital loyalty app, complete with receipt scanning technology.

Canadian record store chain Sunrise Records isn’t selling fast-moving consumer goods, but it’s striving for the same goals that L’Oreal hopes to achieve with its loyalty program:

Rather than relying on a POS-integrated system, or offering a website and hoping that members log into it from time to time, Sunrise Records makes it as simple as possible for customers to engage the Club Sunrise loyalty program.

Using Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions’ award-winning receipt scanning technology, customers can accrue points and redeem rewards for purchases straight to their mobile device.

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receipt scanning technology

Image Source: Club Sunrise

Customers simply download the Club Sunrise app, sign up, and upload a photo of their receipt through the app every time they make a purchase of $20 or more.

When the customer uploads the photo, a stamp is automatically added to their tally. Every time they fill their stamp card, they receive $5 off their next purchase.

Members also gain access to special perks like double stamp days, $100 gift card draw every month, 5% off when you sign up, and exclusive rewards and gifts with purchases.

punch card app receipt scanning technology

Image Source: Club Sunrise

Not only has this program done wonders for Sunrise Records’ brand loyalty and customer retention initiatives, but it’s also allowed the record chain to gain valuable insights into its most frequent customers, and tailor exclusive offers and rewards to accommodate each customer’s individual needs.

As a result, every Club Sunrise member enjoys a personalized shopping experience that extends far beyond the shop walls.

The Club Sunrise loyalty app demonstrates the ease in which a brand can engage the end-consumer by using receipt scanning technology.

engage customers with receipt scanning technology

Unique QR codes are another way that FMCG brands can directly engage the end-consumer, and you can weigh up the pros and cons of receipt scanning vs. QR codes in our other article.

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