What is a Points offer?

The Stamp Me loyalty card app provides the flexibility to build your digital loyalty program around spend values.

Points typically work well in situations where there is a big difference in the value of products and services.

Rewards are automatically triggered once a user reaches a specified level. You can have one level or several levels where rewards are triggered.

Once the top level is achieved and the reward is triggered the users Point balance is reset to zero.

What is the maximum amount of points I can have for my loyalty program?

There is no limit, however you need to make sure that your rewards are achievable. Otherwise, there will be little incentive for your customers to use your program.

How do customers validate points?

Points can be validated using the Stamp Mate Device. You can also issue points manually through your programs Stamp Me Dashboard.

Should I use Stamps or Points for my loyalty program?

It depends on your business type. We find that stamps programs are typically more effective because customers already know how they work. However, a points program is better in situations where there is a large difference in the value of your products or services.

What are the specifications and features of the Points offer type?

See here.

What are the other offer types I can have for my digital rewards program?

See here: Stamp Me Digital Loyalty Card Offer Types

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