Digital Stamp Card

How does a Digital Stamp Card work?

A digital stamp card works exactly like the traditional paper punch card system, but with many more benefits and much less hassle.

It puts the traditional paper “Buy 5, Get One Free” style punch cards on your customer’s phone.

This means they no longer worry have to worry about carrying those paper or plastic punch cards (which can easily be lost or forgotten) and you can forget about the logistics and costs of printing.

A digital punch card program also allows you to directly engage with your customers. You’ll gain insights in to the who, what, where and when of your customers.

The digital stamp card is our most popular offer type and is very effective due to its simplicity and transparency. Your customers will easily understand how the process works.

A stamps offer is ideal for situations where transactions are based around repeatable purchases of a product or service, visit or another action that you wish to reward.

Eg. coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hair salons, fast food shops, massage parlours, etc.

At Stamp Me, we’re experts in helping businesses create and manage an effective digital stamp card program.

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