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Loyalty Card Offer Types

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Our most popular program for building loyalty for your business due to its simplicity.
Stamps are issued for each transaction, whether it be based on a purchase, visit or another action.
Ideal for situations where the transaction is based around the repeatable purchase of a product, service or action.

Examples: coffee, burger, car wash, a class, massage, hair cut, visitation.

Read more about Stamps.


Points are issued for each transaction, whether it be a purchase of a product or service, or any other predetermined action.
Ideal for programs where there is a wide range in values, higher values or lower transaction frequency.

Examples include Accommodation or Health & Beauty businesses where both a service and product are sold.

Read more about Points.


Promotional deals create interest around your products and services to get the customers in-store.
Exclusive invites, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, % off, Free Gift with Purchase are some examples.
Once in-store you have the opportunity present your offer and to up sell more than just the promotional offer.

Coupons are great for all types of business.

Scratch Card

Add some fun and excitement to your Loyalty program with Scratch & Win cards!
These onscreen cards can be triggered and delivered automatically to your customer’s phone based on certain actions.
Prizes and rewards can be randomly generated around pre-programmed ratios. For example, 1 in 5 cards wins a prize.

*Scratch Cards are now avaiable for all merchants in the iOS and Android applications

Pre-Pay Card

Reward your customers for paying up-front!
Collect payment and issue Stamps to your customers along the way.
Multiple application in Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness and Recreation businesses to name a few…

Check Ins

Need to register a high volume of guests over a short period of time!
Check-ins are an ideal way of registering your guests and providing them with rewards, benefits and prizes for visitation.

Examples include conferences, exhibitions, concerts, classes, pubs and hotels.

VIP Memberships

VIP (or Club Cards) are a great way to reward your best customers with exclusive benefits.
Simply invite your best customers to join your VIP program.
Customers present the onscreen card to receive the benefits of your program.

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