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We help thousands of businesses retain customers with our award-winning Customer Loyalty App

At Stamp Me, we believe that simplicity is key. That’s why we’ve created a loyalty app that is intuitive and easy for customers and employees to use.  

Our loyalty app is a convenient solution that benefits both customers and businesses.

The benefit for customers is that they no longer have to carry around yet another paper or plastic loyalty card (which are usually lost or forgotten) to earn rewards with their favourite businesses, and merchants needn’t worry about printing them, which saves time money and the environment.


Simple & Easy to Use Loyalty Card App

A major flaw with paper punch cards is that they don’t capture customer data, meaning you have no record of who your loyal customers are!

Our loyalty card app solves this problem by ensuring that your loyal customers are no longer anonymous. We provide you with valuable insight into who your customers are and how frequently they are visiting your business. This helps you to better understand your customers and market more effectively to them. 

We give you full access to this information so you can view stamp activity in real-time in the Stamp Me Dashboard. You can also communicate with customers through Push Notifications and SMS, set up a Birthday Club, integrate with your existing eDM platform, and much more!

At Stamp Me, we believe that simplicity is key. That’s why we’ve made sure our loyalty app is intuitive and easy for customers and employees to use.

Stamp Me Dashboard Analytics

The Stamp Me Loyalty App is ideal for situations where the transaction is based around the repeatable purchase of a product, service or action. 

E.g. Cafes & Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Hair Salons, Beauty & Nail Parlous, Retail Stores, Car Washes, Vape Stores, Cinemas, Hotels and many more.

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Stamp Me User Reviews

Great app, makes life so much easier, saves carrying (and losing) so many coffee cards!

Tony W

Good way of getting a kick back from businesses without having to carry around stamp cards you are bound to lose into the eternity of your wallet eventually.

Sean C.

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