Digital Loyalty Card App

The Stamp Me Loyalty Card App is a customer retention and marketing communication tool for merchants

Stamp Me is the perfect loyalty card app for any business, small or large, looking for a simple solution to rewarding customer loyalty.

We put the traditional ‘Buy X and Get X’ style cards onto our loyalty app, which is incredibly customer-friendly and easy to use. 

Customer Analytics

The Stamp Me platform provides your business with a platform to view data in real-time and directly communicate with your customers through email, SMS and Push Notifications. Plus many more features!

Simple & Easy to Use Loyalty Card App

The Stamp Me Loyalty App is suitable for any business looking to retain customers
and boost customer engagement…

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Why Go Digital With Your Loyalty Program?

Frequently asked questions

Our loyalty app is incredibly affordable. Click here to find out pricing for your currency. 

Watch this quick video to see how it works. 

See here for more information on how our loyalty app works.

Asbolutely! That’s one of the best things about our loyalty app.

Our Stamp Mate device makes implementing the program incredibly easy. There is no need for a tablet, complicated POS integration, or software download. 

See how it works here.

Most merchants place the Stamp Mate device next to the register, so customers can validate stamps easily once they’ve made a purchase. 

We also have a range of alternative validation methods if the Stamp Mate doesn’t suit your business type. More info here.

Once you sign up for Stamp Me, a member of our Activations team with be in touch with you.

We aim to have your offer set-up within 48 hours of receiving your registration.

You will be able to upload your brand logo to the app.

If you are looking for an application that is completely customized with your own branding (and no mention of Stamp Me), please click here for information on our private label solutions.

We’re glad you asked! Find out here how to sign up.

Want to try our Loyalty App for free?

You can. We offer a free 30-day trial on all plans.

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Stamp Me User Reviews

Great app, makes life so much easier, saves carrying (and losing) so many coffee cards!

Tony W

Good way of getting a kick back from businesses without having to carry around stamp cards you are bound to lose into the eternity of your wallet eventually.

Sean C.