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Custom Solution Validation Methods

Our custom loyalty solutions offer a variety of mechanisms to digitally validate transactions on the users phone.

Our technology is unique in that transactions can be securely validated independently of a point of sale system.
If required, we can also integrate the program with point of sale systems.

The validation method of your loyalty rewards solution can be tailored to best suit your brand’s requirements.

Below we explain some of the validation processes we have deployed in our custom enterprise solutions.


Customer Scan Code

  • Customer scans a unique code with their phone to join an offer and validate a transaction – quick and easy!

    The code can be located at point of sale or a unique code can be printed and provided with a packaged product or service (see Scan Product).

    Rules can be placed on the code, ie. only join offer and provide one stamp, only one Stamp per day or made to be expendable for once only use.

Stamp Me Loyalty Validation Methods

Stamp Mate Device

Stamp Mate™ is a unique device that can be securely validate a transaction.

It works much like “paywave” or “tag & go” – but with your phone!

The user simply places their phone on the device to receive stamps.

The Stamp Mate™ device uses a combination of the latest iBeacon and NFC for secure validation.
Importantly, the device operates independently of your point of sale system. It does not need to be plugged in.

For enterprises with over 50 locations the devices can be customised with your own branding.



  • Administrator manually adds stamps, points, check-ins to the customer’s account through the Stamp Me Dashboard.

    This is ideal for online transactions.

4 W's

Receipt Scan

  • – Customer simply scans receipt
  • – Instant data capture of customer purchase
  • – Brand/business has insight to complete purchase data
  • Utilising the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology, stamps and points can be allocated on product or service purchased or spend.

    This solution is ideal for brands and businesses wanting to gain richer insights on purchasing behaviour and directly engage with the customer. For example, customer purchased product A, B and D.

Play Video

This short video demonstrates Receipt Scan working with a Stamp Enterprise custom solution for Sunrise Records, Canada.

games on packaging

Scan Product

  • Products can be scanned using Quick Stamps™ to issue once off Stamps to users.

    Quick Stamps™ are unique codes which can be generated and printed on stickers, cards or packaging for users to scan and earn.

    Quick Stamps™ are an ideal solution for:

  • – Onboarding new users onto a Stamp program
  • – Takeaway food, coffee cups, food delivery services
  • – Online/mail order products
  • – Packaged Consumer Products
  • – Competitors & Promotions
QR code on a phone

Merchant Scan

  • Merchant uses an App on a device (Phone or Tablet) to scan a code on the customer’s phone or card.

    The merchants App can be customised around the product or service it offers.

Point of sale

Point of Sale (POS) system integration

  • Customers record is kept on POS. The cashier applies tokens (stamps, points) to the customers account.

    Note: The POS system needs to be an open system to allow 3rd party integration.

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