How We Build Customized Digital Rewards Platforms

Building world class digital rewards platforms for enterprises don’t just happen. We should know, because we have built a lot of them!

A lot of work goes into conceptualising and planning the platform to deliver a program that is simple to use, activate and implement for both the business and its users. This guide will step you through the stages we go through with you to deliver the best product for your business!

How We Build Custom Rewards Programs

Step-By-Step Guide

Protect Your Idea

Mutual NDA

We start by making sure your intellectual Property is always safe and secure -- it's our top priority and every project starts with a mutual NDA.


Consultation and Assessment

We discuss with you the purpose, objective and goals of the program. We need to understand the behaviour you want to establish and reward. This will require an understanding of your product/service and audience you are attempting to reach.


Develop the idea

In this stage we start to conceptualise the project. We look at the project from a 360 degree view point. This includes the business objectives (including internal and external stakeholders), the user journey and evaluate the different processes and technology that can be utilised.

Wireframing / Review

User Journey

You'll work with our Creative Team, to conceptualise your idea before we jump into development. It is much easier to make changes here than when we are heading into development! We implement best practises from our extensive knowledge in User Experience Design. There is a fee for this part of the process.

Quotation & Agreement

Once the wireframe is done, we can more accurately provide a quote on the build on the entire project. Factors that need to be considered include the degree of customisation, the processes we utilise, resource requirements and time to develop the platform including Apps, API, Servers and Dashboard. A Software Licensed Agreement (SLA) will need to be finalised before we move to the next stage. All our SLA's for a customised solution comprise an upfront design and build cost and then an ongoing software license fee for the platform.

Visual Design / Review

Apply graphics to wireframe

You'll work with our Award Winning Design Team to craft the best look and feel of your project. Our products have won a number of international awards. A wireframe will be built in detail with high resolution coloured graphics. Alternatively, if you prefer, and you have the capacity, you can provide this detail. A development schedule will be presented and agreed.


iOS, Android, Platform and API's

Our experienced development team will start working on the back-end and front-end systems, API, iOS and Android applications to build your platform.

Program Inputs

Develop Materials

At this stage we will require your input with content for the program. This will include resources, store locators, logos, terms and conditions, privacy policies and publishing licenses.

Implementation Strategy

The Key to Success

There is no point developing a platform if you don't have a strategy for on-boarding users! You will need to formulate a strategy with your internal stakeholders including administrators, managers, suppliers and staff to onboard users to your program. What is the user journey? What are the key objectives? How are you going to do it? How are you going to measure the program? What marketing collateral is required - print, digital (or ideally both)? There are many questions to ask. Successful programs don't just happen -- work is put into planning!

Pre-Launch Test


Prior to publishing, we test the program. This enables us to test and pick up any issues that have been overlooked before we go live.

Ideally we should allow around 2 weeks for this testing.


The Big Day!

Hooray -- we have made it to the big day! Upon launching we review activity, watch and get feedback. The reality is we can't anticipate every way users will interact with the program. If there are items that have been overlooked, we can quickly iterate and make updates accordingly.

Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support

After we've gone live -- that is not the end. We recommend having a support and maintenance relationship in place for ongoing work. Our preference is to schedule regular meetings to review the program and schedule updates on a periodic basis where the changes are deployed. The advantage of Apps if we can easily make changes and updates as we learn.

Growth Hacking

The platform can keep evolving to get better!

There will always be things that will be learned once a program is up and going. You'll get to work with one of our experienced Customer Success Team Members to scale and optimise your product.


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