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Aug 15
contactless mobile payment

Why Your Business Needs a Contactless Loyalty Card

Considering a contactless loyalty card for your business? Smart move! Learn how to retain customers with contactless validation methods here.

Jul 31
woman looking at phone smiling

How to “Surprise and Delight” your customers with Stamp Me

How to surprise and delight customers is a question you should often ask yourself. With Stamp Me, it’s easy. Effortlessly surprise & delight with these features!

Jul 1
Cafe Customer Loyalty App

Top 5 Cafe Loyalty Program Ideas

Loyalty programs work perfectly for cafes. Here are some cafe loyalty program ideas, how to implement one easily, and some killer cafe loyalty program tips.

Jun 19
dog sniffing pet food

A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Food Loyalty Programs

Find everything you need to know about creating an engaging digital loyalty program for your pet food business, right here.

Sep 17
Stamp Me Loyalty Card App

What are the Benefits of a Punch Card App?

Loyalty reward programs are at the heart of many strategies to build stronger relationships with your target audience. The right programs can increase your sales, engage your customers, and even increase the likelihood of repeat business. In fact, in the United States, stats suggest that consumer engagement is much higher with individuals who belong to

Feb 15
paper punch cards to punch Card App

Punch Card App vs. Traditional Loyalty Cards – Which is better?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already clued on to the fact that a customer loyalty program is essential in expanding your customer retention and increasing brand loyalty. Now it’s just a matter of whether to opt for a traditional punch card or a digital loyalty card app. So what are the pros and cons?


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