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Mar 18

Loyalty Beacons & Stamp Mate Devices

Validating Loyalty Stamps and Points Here is an information sheet on the validation methods used by the Stamp Me loyalty card app. We have now deployed over 1000 beacons and are establishing ourselves and the loyalty beacon experts. Let us know if you have any questions or situations you’d like to explore utilising loyalty beacons

Oct 5

Connecting with tomorrow’s customer … now

At the heart of connecting with tomorrow’s customer is listening closely to be able to understand how and when to engage smarter, faster and with relevance. This detailed report by PWC explains what lies ahead. Link to Connected Retail report

Jun 27

Personalise the Loyalty Experience

The Australian Loyalty Association held its third annual Customer Engagement and Loyalty Conference last week. Keynote speakers included Bernie Brookes, Former CEO of Myer, David Galt, CEO of Webjet, Neil Thompson, CEO of Velocity, Dr Sean Sands from Monash Business School, Sally McNamara from the VRC and Lewis Pullen from the NRL. The overarching theme

Jun 16

Some Key Features of a Loyalty Platform for Brands

Loyalty platforms such as the Stamp Me Loyalty Application not only allow brands to provide purchase based rewards to their most active customers but it provides the basis for engaged campaigns to drive additional sales and participation in the brand. Point of purchase, in-store, push notifications are an excellent example of how the existing brand

Jun 1

Communicating with Your Loyalty Customers

We’ve recently integrated some amazing communication tools into our loyalty app platform and we now offer sophisticated, managed communication campaign tools. Through a wide range of customer segmentation methods, we can use the data generated through our loyalty platform to engage with your loyal customers in many ways. We also provide this as a managed

Apr 16

4 Key Factors in Making Your Loyalty Program Successful

1. Make it SPECIAL You must promote and believe in your loyalty program. This isn’t just you but your staff too. If you don’t make it special then your customers will treat it like that too. Ensure that you ask everyone that comes in if they have their loyalty card. You must make them know

Feb 19

How the Stamp Me Loyalty App works

We’ve created a fact sheet on how the Stamp Me loyalty card app and platform works. You can view and download this pdf presentation by clicking here.

May 20

QSR Vendor Product of the Week

The Stamp Me Loyalty App was featured in the QSR magazine as the vendor product of the week. You can read the full article here.

May 5

Designing Your Offer on Your Loyalty App

Offer Design Tips for Getting Started with Your Loyalty Card App Here are 4 keys attributes to consider when designing your offer for your loyalty app and program. 1. How Close Are You To Instant Gratification The closer the reward and benefit is to the time of purchase the better. It’s a simple premise and

Jun 17

Loyalty Program Success – Ask Customers to Join

There are many aspects to a successful loyalty program however the most important is your ability to let your customers know. The more people that join your program the more successful it will be! Putting your reward program on a loyalty card app is just the first stage. There are 3 main ways to engage with