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Dec 30
beauty industry loyalty programs

Why Loyalty Programs in the Beauty Industry are so Effective

Everyone has at least a few identical purchases that show up on their bank statements each month. It might be your monthly haircut, your weekly gas fill-up for your car, or that essential takeaway cappuccino from the local coffee shop to wake you up on the way to work every morning. For many of us,

Sep 16
Salon's Guide to Loyalty Programs

The Salon’s Guide to Loyalty Programs: Ideas, Tips & Examples

Any salon owner who means business should already have some form of customer retention plan in place – whether it’s paper punch cards, invitations to exclusive beauty workshops and fashion tutorials, or simply providing excellent customer service! With the impact that COVID-19 has had on hair salons, nail salons, beauty parlours, massage spas and other “hands-on”

Jun 24
Hair & Beauty Salon Loyalty

7 Benefits of a Digital Loyalty Program for Salons and Beauty Parlours

Are you thinking of switching your salon’s existing loyalty program from paper to digital? Or perhaps starting a new business and want to retain customers from day one with a customer loyalty program? Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while, and are thinking it’s time to implement a salon rewards program? Whatever the


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