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Feb 17
how to set up a loyalty app like starbucks rewards

How to Create a Loyalty Program App Like Starbucks Rewards

It’s difficult to talk about loyalty programs without mentioning Starbucks Rewards, arguably one of the most successful digital loyalty apps in the world. Of all the smartphone users that regularly use restaurant loyalty apps, nearly half of them are using Starbucks Rewards – that’s a lot of people! The app is responsible for a significant

Dec 9
business success tips

10 Industries Where Loyalty Programs Are Extremely Effective

The term “loyalty program” tends to inspire images of coffee shops, car washes and hair salons. It used to be that loyalty programs were a way for businesses like these to entice customers to come back again and again. However, as the customer loyalty space has evolved into sophisticated digital platforms that allow businesses of

Nov 21
tihad Airways customer loyalty

How Etihad Won My Loyalty in 3 Key Steps

As an Australian who got bitten by the travel bug early, I’m used to stopovers. For people travelling to or from Australia, it’s rare to get to your travel destination directly without stopping somewhere for a few hours first.  While the vast majority of Australia’s inbound/outbound tourism comprises of Japan, China, New Zealand and the

Nov 14
McDonalds App creating customer engagement

Case Study: A McMaster Class in Digital Engagement

To call McDonald’s the most successful restaurant chain of all time would be an understatement. There aren’t too many chains out there (no matter what industry we’re talking about) that are opening a new branch every 14.5 hours. Every day, McDonald’s feeds approximately 1% of the world’s population (69 million; give or take a couple

Nov 12
ridley app prizes

Case Study: Ridley’s R3 Rewards Program

Ridley approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to develop and build a customised loyalty rewards program as a marketing tool to help retain, understand, engage and communicate with its customers. So, who are Ridley? Ridley AgriProducts have been a cornerstone of Australia’s agriculture for nearly three decades, helping farmers to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet

Nov 11
Australia citycard app

Case Study: Citycards Global Mobile App

At Stamp Me, we’re always creating new and innovative digital platform solutions for companies big and small.  Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions recently partnered with Citycards Global to develop a platform to enable tourists to explore a city, its major attractions as well its most hidden gems on an interactive mobile app. The platform also included


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