Case Study: Digital Loyalty for Medibank Feelgood Program

Oct 26
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Case Study: Digital Loyalty for Medibank Feelgood Program

Brisbane Marketing, a department within the City of Brisbane, Australia operate the Feel Good program over 10 weeks twice a year. The program provides seven different classes ranging from low impact to high energy including Yoga, Pilates and Flow within the South Bank Parklands. The Feel Good program has thousands of participants and has a number of aligned sponsors including Medibank Private, FitBit, PURE Health Clubs and Kiss the Berry.

Brisbane City approached Stamp Media to develop a digital loyalty program to help promote and reward the participants to the Feelgood program.

Participants are awarded Stamps for taking part in the activities and various partner rewards for reaching their goals. Brisbane Marketing promoted the program through its print and digital media assets. Displays were put up around the city.

Screenshot of Medibank Loyalty Program

The Key Features and Objectives were: Encourage and incentivise locals to participate in healthy activities • Promote Brisbane as a Healthy Lifestyle city • Capture data for greater intelligence and improved insight of the program • Provide Brisbane Marketing a direct line of communication with the participants for the purposes of promotion, information, competition and feedback • Simple for the instructors and participants to understand and use

Now in its third year, the Stamp Me digital loyalty solution for the Feelgood Program has thousands of users and rewards people for their healthy activities. Stamp Media look forward to continuing this successful partnership with Brisbane City.