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Industry: Hospitality

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Located on the enviable sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Quest Coffee Roasters have been brewing up coffee perfectionism for over 10 years.

Quest Coffee runs a busy cafe serving their specialty brews and cakes, as well selling bags of coffee, loose teas, a range of coffee equipment – and for the ultimate caffeine addict – coffee subscriptions.

As the name suggests, this company is on a quest to provide great coffee – and a way to reward their customers for accompanying them on their journey too!


The BrIEf

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Quest Coffee were searching for a digital loyalty solution to replace their old, unhygienic paper punch-card system.

With a busy cafe and stock flying off their shelves Quest Coffee approached Stamp Me to assist them with implementing a loyalty solution that would increase customer retention and boost in-store sales.

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Quest Coffee and Stamp Me strived to achieve with a digital loyalty solution were to:

How Quest Coffee’s Loyalty Program Works

The Quest Coffee loyalty program rewards customers for regularly patronizing their cafe and store.

They have set up two seperate loyalty offers, one for in-store coffee drink purchases and another for take-home coffee bean purchases.

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Coffee drink offer:

quest coffee drink offer card

Coffee bean offer:


Stamp Validation Method

Quest Coffee uses a unique StampCode to securely validate stamps for their in-store coffee offers.

Positioned next to the cash register, customers of Quest Coffee are able to open the app at the time of payment, and simply scan the stamp QR code to claim their stamp.

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Stamp Me Poster Display


Customers of Quest Coffee will usually become aware of the program when they visit the store through posters positioned strategically around the venue.

The passionate staff are also brilliant advocates of their new program. They educate customers at the point of sale and prompt them to download the Stamp Me app (with great take-up rates!)


Since enlisting the help of Stamp Me to use our award winning loyalty solution, Quest Coffee are enjoying huge success, and have received great feedback about their new loyalty app.

Quest Coffee are now able to:

quest coffee beans offer information

What Quest Coffee Say About Us

The owners of Quest Coffee were impressed by not only the simplicity and effectiveness of the app, but also the customer service they received during the initial conversations and set up. Though most importantly of all, their customers absolutely love this fun and new way to do loyalty stamping.

We asked them a little more about what they think about us – here’s what they said!


Why did you choose Stamp Me?

We decided to make the switch from paper stamp cards during COVID-19 because going contactless was safer for our customers. And we’re so glad we did – our customers love it!

We also chose Stamp Me over competing solutions because the product is priced competitively for what it offers, and you aren’t forced to pay for features you are not ready to use yet.

What do you love about the app?

It has a simple and intuitive user experience that doesn’t require users to jump through numerous unnecessary hoops.

Are there any stand-outs?

In addition to being a great loyalty solution, Stamp Me are backed by a fantastic and responsive team. 

They were very helpful getting us set up and answering any questions.


We would highly recommend Stamp Me to other businesses!


Want to learn more, or have an idea for your own rewards program?


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