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Digital Loyalty Program – CASE STUDY



Zoetis, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock. The company was previously a subsidiary of Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, and operates across 70 countries.

Zoetis produce a range of premium intestinal worm, heartworm, flea and tick prevention treatments under a number of brand names. To be effective, pet owners are required to regularly administer the treatments to their pets on a periodic basis (usually monthly or quarterly)

The Brief

Zoetis approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to develop and build a digital loyalty platform to reward their clients for regularly purchasing their products. They also wanted use the program to educate important health benefits for the pet by reminding the owner to administer the preventative treatments on a regular basis post consultation.

Key Objectives


The Program

The Veterinarian is well placed to advise the pet owner at the time of consultation on the benefits of administering the preventative treatments for intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas and ticks on a regular basis for the long-term health of their dogs and cats. Whilst most pet owners will understand the benefits of these preventative treatments, brand awareness is low.

For most pet owners, visitation to a veterinary clinic for a consultation is infrequent (ie. maybe only once or twice a year), and the message to administer preventative treatments to their pets is quickly lost after the consultation.

The Paw Club Pet Care loyalty program was created to reward pet owners for purchasing its range of premium pet care preventative treatments. Pet owners are issued stamps for purchasing the product. Pet owners are rewarded with free product for completing the requirements of the program. Additionally, they are provided with automatic reminders on their phones to administer the treatments to their pets on a periodic basis.


HOw it works

The program is promoted by the veterinarian and display material throughout the clinic.

Pet owners download the Paw Club pet care loyalty app onto their phone, register (and their pets details!) and join the relevant offer. The pet owner is awarded with stamps for purchasing the Zoetis branded product and are eligible for surprise rewards.

One stamp for one month of product, 3 stamps for a 3-month pack, 6 stamps for a 6-month pack….. and so forth.

Once the card is completed a reward is automatically triggered and sent to My Rewards on the app.


The member simply presents the onscreen voucher to the clinic to receive the product.

The program also serves an important function to safeguard the pets health. An automatic reminder with a message is sent to the pet owners phone to administer the treatment at a scheduled time.

Zoetis and the veterinary clinics are able to access up to date information on the program for customer insights and analytics. With this information, Zoetis is able to actively engage with its Paw Club members directly with relevant pet care information, special promotions and surveys through a variety of communication channels including push notifications, sms and email.


The Results

The program has been launched in Australia, with 1,500 veterinary clinics targeted. Australia is an important market for Zoetis with 62% of households owning a pet. There is significant opportunity to extend the program into its other worldwide markets.

Through the Paw Club program, Zoetis is able to:

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