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May 22
Customer Loyalty Card App

How to Transition from Paper Punch Cards to a Digital Loyalty Card App

Is your business operating a customer loyalty program with a paper punch card? Have you been considering implementing a digital loyalty program but are it putting off because you’re not sure how to go about it? Well, the good news is it’s much easier than you think! Below we’ve answered some commonly asked questions regarding how

May 10
Customer Loyalty

6 Things Customers Want From A Loyalty Program

Understandably, businesses have many questions when they are implementing a digital loyalty program…   What rewards should we offer? How do I promote it? How do I get customers to sign up? And so on.   While these are all very valid questions, the first one you should be asking when first starting out is:

Apr 17
Customised Rewards Programs

How We Build Customized Rewards Apps (Step-By-Step Guide)

Building world class digital rewards platforms for enterprises don’t just happen. We should know, because we have built a lot of them! A lot of work goes into conceptualising and planning the platform to deliver a customised rewards program that is simple to use, activate and implement for both the business and its users.  This

Apr 5
Customer Loyalty Card App

5 Ways A Loyalty App Can Benefit Restaurants

The great part of running a restaurant is that you’re selling a product that humans need to consume three times a day for their entire lives! However, there are many other restaurants out there. How do you make sure your customers choose to come back to yours? While dishing up mouth-watering dishes that are too

Mar 29
Loyalty Program Success

7 Tips For Creating A Successful Loyalty Program

If your business is considering creating and implementing a customer loyalty program, you probably have a wide range of questions on the topic… ‘What makes a successful loyalty program?’ is probably one of them. As I’m sure you are aware, the ultimate goal of a customer loyalty program is customer retention. Why is this important?

Mar 14
Customer Loyalty Program Success

How To Get The Most Out of Your Customer Loyalty Program

While customer loyalty programs are an indispensable tool for increasing customer retention and brand loyalty, unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as setting it up and watching your profits rise. As with anything, you only get out of it what you put in. In order for a customer loyalty program to work for your business

Feb 13
customer loyalty program growth

Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work?

If you’re a looking at ways to achieve brand loyalty with your customers, you’re probably wondering “do customer loyalty programs really work?” Well, the simple answer is yes. There’s no denying that customer loyalty programs are a highly effective tool for retaining customers and also attracting new customers. However, it is important to look closer

Jan 24
Stamp Me Loyalty Card App

What is a Loyalty Card App?

Loyalty Card App Types There are 4 types of loyalty card apps which we will explain here. Wallet style application which allows you to store and upload your existing physical loyalty cards on to an application for easy use and access. A merchant loyalty card app that local business use to manage their loyalty program,

Sep 25

How to Create A Successful Offer For Your Customer Loyalty Program

A business simply can’t survive without happy customers – that’s a fact. This is why recognising and appreciating customers for their loyalty is extremely important.  A customer rewards program ensures your customers feel appreciated and valued and they are also a very powerful customer retention tool for your business.  Considering that new customer cost a

Aug 27

How to Create Your Own Rewards Program App for Your Business

The first sale, with a new customer, is always important. But, it’s the second, third, sixth, and 10th sale that should really get your attention. It is seven times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep one. As a result, continually chasing new customers will hurt your bottom line. One