Designing Your Offer on Your Loyalty App

Offer Design Tips for Getting Started with Your Loyalty Card App

Here are 4 keys attributes to consider when designing your offer for your loyalty app and program.

1. How Close Are You To Instant Gratification

The closer the reward and benefit is to the time of purchase the better. It’s a simple premise and it works. We all love instant gratification.

2. Make the Loyalty Reward Tangible

You must make sure the customer understand the reward and how to achieve it. A lot of points based loyalty programs miss this. From the customers point of view brand engagement is enhanced considerably when customers redeem their reward not when they are earning it.

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3. Make it Easy and Engage with Your Loyalty Program.

Make sure it is easy for your customers – your loyalty program needs to be instantly available to your customers and they should have a clear understanding of what the benefits are.

The business must engage with the program – this must come from the top down. By fully buying into the program, your staff and customers will too. Ensure your staff know how to register with the program and your loyalty app.

4. Celebrate the Loyalty Reward.

Not just with the customer but also with your business and staff. Ensure that redemption rates are a key performance indicator. They are not a cost!! More rewards equal higher brand engagement and more satisfied customers.

If your loyalty program is designed to have low redemption rates then you are missing the point. This is a lost opportunity.


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